Cornerstone Produce Group

Solutions Driven

GPS-Enabled Logistics

Central to our operations and ability to provide exceptional quality and service, our specialized logistics system allows us (and you) to track every load from harvest to loading on your trucks or delivery to your loading docks. Others try, but none can match our real-time depth of information and ability to control shipping costs and get you the freshest possible loads.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you prefer the stability of contract pricing, the real-time variability of the open market, or a combination of the two depending on the commodity and the season, we have a program that will help you respond to market conditions and meet your needs.

Year-Round Sourcing

Our partnerships with an extensive network of regional growers provide the backbone of our fresh supply chain. Yet to meet the growing consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, we have built an expanded network of international growers and shippers to help avoid gaps and keep your sales flowing regardless of the season.

FOB and Delivered Sales

Shipping and logistics have become significant factors that can affect getting the freshest possible produce efficiently on the shelf and to your customers. Our variety of shipping locations, multitude of trucking options and flexible approach to creative problem-solving helps us get your product to your stores in the most efficient means possible.

Customizable Packaging

In a one-size-fits-some world, we help differentiate you to your customers by offering flexible packing. Want branded, consumer-facing packing in a DRC display? We can provide it. Want bulk RPC or corrugated cartons? We can get you that too. Let’s talk about your specific needs and how we can help you meet them.

Shipping Point Inspection

We inspect all product and verify every load before it goes out so there are no surprises, and you receive what you expect. Every time.

How Can We Help You?

Find out how partnering with us as your one-stop-source for produce procurement will streamline your business operations.